Devlin Miles Band 10-Day Studio Countdown Contest 

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Help spread the word and join in our excitement as we gear up to record our next studio album live.

We are really looking forward to getting these new songs out to you and we hope you are excited to hear them.

Join us in the countdown by posting a picture everyday with the number countdown.

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2. 1… Read more

In Living Color!!! 

One thing that I have noticed most in my life is that I always have to have a plan- A fitness plan to take action, a musical plan to finish a cd, a holiday plan on when we are going to see both sides of the family, this I believe is part of my genetic make-up.  I can sometimes take the plans to extreme, like the house has to be entirely clean before I can create, cook, or even write.  You would assume that this would mean that I would be the type of person that would follow recipes to a "T", have clear… Read more

Raining On My Parade 

Ever notice how when the rain comes, people are shocked and surprised, even when the news is telling us there is a 70% chance of rain? There are always those that never see the news or didn't watch the weather to know that it was going to rain today. I am one of those people, I am always surprised when it rains and then I get pissed off that I am not more prepared for the rain. I am not a fan of running around with an umbrella, so I am the one that dodges in and out of building vestibules and walks close… Read more

Devlin Miles Book Pass 

I believe things come to you for a reason.  I have stumbled across messages on the subway that seem to have been written just for me at that moment, like "hang in there", "I hear you", who knows if they are heaven sent or just evangelistic angels here on earth planting messages for all those who seek.  I am a seeker, a seeker of answers, seeker of understanding, a seeker of clarity.  I want to share with my fans and hopefully vice versa books that have inspired me along the way.  So I begin with my first… Read more

Devlin joins BR & Timebomb for Live in Studio Webcast- Invite Only 

I am so excited to be joining BR & Timebomb, my favorite live band,  for a live in studio show.  They will be celebrating their 9th Anniversary as a band and we will be raising the roof at AM Studios.  There are 2 ways to get an invite 1. Comment below 2. Tweet @DevlinMiles & @brandtimebomb that you want your invite!  It's gonna be a great time with great artists- BR & Timebomb, Devlin Miles, Melanie Edwards, Shelley Nicole's Blakbushe, and hosted by Ms. P of The Ntuned Show.  

I will also… Read more

What Makes This Country Tick?  

I have recently assigned myself a mission to read the US Constitution.  I had to read it when I was in college government class, but I have been inspired lately by the 99-1% discussions.  I want to understand my rights, so I can also speak up about my grievances.  It is quite facinating to know that our forefathers had the insight to stand-up for something that are the principals and standards on which this country has been run.  Do you know your rights?  Do you also realize that it has taken large… Read more

Ford Escape Routes- Be a Part of Our Team! 

I have entered to be a part of the reality web series to race around America in a Ford Escape.  The cool thing is you can be a part of it too.  When, my partner Kim and I,  are selected to be fierce competitors we will need a mighty team of strong social networkers to assist us with information or clues that we do not know.  We will have to reach out to our social networks for answers- you know like a "life line"!  We are looking for the fittest fingers and clickers out there, we want those who are looking… Read more

0.2 Miles to Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 

As I looked at my GPS, it read "0.2 miles to destination," we are in the middle of the Catskill and Berkshire Mountains in Hillsdale, NY and there are lots of beautiful green trees and rolling hills, yet no signs indicating that there was a large folk festival about to go down for 3 days. With only one other car on the road and no traffic, I was about to give my GPS a good whack because it has, once again, driven me to the middle of nowhere.  Then it appeared, like a desert mirage, Falcon Ridge Folk… Read more

Brooklyn Thank yous! 

A big thank you to BoCoCa Festival, BR & Timebomb, MakeMusicNY, and ErinYes for allowing me to rock Brooklyn with you this week.  I had a great time visiting the unique neighborhoods of Brooklyn, like Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights, and Cobble Hill!  Thank you to all the fans that showed up and and for the new ones, who welcomed me into their neighborhood by singing along.  Thanks to Jibrail Nor, Matt Basile, and Udi Levy for playing along.  Happy to see that Brooklyn Fans were there- have a look,… Read more

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